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How to give High Priority to MS Teams Application than any other application ? is it via QOS ? if yes then please share steps thru GUI
We want to allow MS Teams from a top Firewall Rule and to allow other applications I want to forward the request to other Firewall rules instead of denying immediately
EnvironmentPostgresSQL = 15Patroni = patroni-2.1.4-1.rhel8.x86_64 & patroni-etcd-2.1.4-1.rhel8.x86_64OS = RHEL = 8.xDetailWe have a setup of Postgres Cluster with 2 nodes. On top of Postgres Cluster a load balancer (name HAproxy) is also installed. A...
We have two FortiGate Firewalls(200F) and HA is setup. from a month back the Secondary firewall showing not sync. we contacted FortiGate support, the support tried to re-sync secondary firewall but failed. Now support respond:1- Shared documents with...
I am not able to run the backup command so that the fortinet backup can upload to a sftp server. Please note, I am able to ping and connect/login to sftp server successfully when I use winscp or other tool to connect with sftp server 200F-HA1 # execu...
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