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Hey,I'm running a #FG30E with OS 6.2.9 and export my data to Fortigate cloud. I use a lot theWebsites per source report. Now the source is represented by its IP address, but since this assigned via DHCP it can change over time. Can't I generate this ...
Hello,I had set-up some 3 nice reports that were sent to me every night, but since the upgrade to FortiOS 6.2.9 of my #FG30E al these reports are being generated with "no data" in it. What is wrong
Is it possible to change this report so that it shows the source names iso the source IP address (like in example above) ?Sometimes i've also noticed that the source names in the reports are only a part of the text i've configured in the devices in m...
Hey,I'm looking for a filter/policy to block instagram pages that contain specific hashtags. Is this possible and how to configure it ?Thx for your feedback.
Dears,I want to get an inventory of all websites (via laptops) and apps (via mobile phones) that are used on my lan & wifi network. How do I have to configure my fortigate to work in "transparant monitor"-mode for all traffic sent to the WAN ?Next st...