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Hi guys,As shown in the diagram, ports 5 on FSW-1 and FSW-2 are connected to the Dell Switch on ports 45 and 46. Can ports 5 on FSW-1 and FSW-2 be added to LACP on the Fortiswitch side? I know that it wont be MCLAG, but can they still be added to a L...
Hi team, Is there a way to exempt traffic for certain apps like Teams from going via SASE? there are issues reported by end users that teams calls are getting disconnected and there is loss in audio sometimes.
Hi Team,I am not sure if this is a feature limitation or if my config is incorrect but in my test setup where I am using a Fortigate eval VM to test FSSO, it doesnt work. I can see that the user logons are pushed to the Fortigate from the DC server b...
Hi guys,I am deploying a Fortigate ADVPN/SDWAN solution where there is a central hub and about 20 remote Fortigates and a FMG.First, I configured the DC HUB firewall as a standalone firewall because it was a migration from WatchGuard to Fortigate. On...
Hi guys, I am applying a VPN template to a managed Fortigate but facing below error. There are no vlans configured on the Fortigate but still this error comes. Does anyone know how to fix it? Fortimanager is running 7.2.1 and Fortigate is 7.2.3 Copy ...
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