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We have deployment with star-topology:HQ - cluster of FGT-300D (FortiOS 6.4.11)Spokes - Fortigate 50E (FortiOS 6.2.x), Fortigate 60D (FortiOS 6.0.x), Fortigate 92D (6.2.x), Fortigate 300C (5.2.x) We have experienced problem with periodically disrupt ...
We have some Fortigate 92D with FortiOS 6.2.12When we are trying to manual update of ISDB (ffdb file) there is error code -85 and message about "Updating FFDB is disabled"How can I fix this issue?FortiGate
Hi. Please help me.Fortigate 60E-POE. FortiOS 7.2.1Legacy client (802.11 g) can't connect to SSID with error: "deny assoc request, ht rate set mismatch" Debug log from AP:[32770.007364] [AUTH] cpu0 vap-00(wlan00): [dc:f5:05:89:af:53] recv auth frame ...
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