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DescriptionThis article describes how to simultaneously reach same network prefix in two different locations over two different IPsec tunnels (overlapping subnets). One way is to use 1-to-1 NAT translating one of overlapping subnets to any other pref...
DescriptionThis article describes how to upgrade the VM license in order to use more vCPU and RAM.Follow the link here below for VM license specifications:
DescriptionThis article describes possible root causes of having logs with interface “unknown-0”.SolutionGenerally, such log message is created, when a packet comes to a FortiGate and FortiOS and it can't find an existing session for it, although it ...
DescriptionThis article describes how to use own certificates for the FortiAuthenticator API and administrative access. It also shows how to set up Microsoft Windows Agent and Outlook Web Access Agent to verify the server (FortiAuthenticator) certifi...
DescriptionThis article explains how since FortiOS 5.6, it is possible to create VIP with same External IP and Mapped IP.However, until firmware 6.0 creating VIP with same External IP and Mapped IP will throw an error in both CLI and GUI.CLI Error:St...