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Hi, I have two switches, SW1 for internal LAN, SW2 for GuestI want to setup management ports for both switches on VLAN 99 ( is directly connected to FG90E port that has the VLAN 99 configured on, I can reach the management IP of SW1 ...
What is the best way to separate a guest network from internal LAN to feed a guest WiFi AP?I'm currently using a FG 90E box and dedicating a physical port (not part of a switch group) and put it in a zone with the option "Block intra-zone traffic" ch...
Hi, How can I allow only specific IP addresses to connect to my IPSec VPN service, say a range of IPs or a Geographic IP addresses Thank you
Hi, I have setup an IPSec VPN connection using the wizard on my 90E firewall, I checked the settings and all seems to be valid, now the problem is when ever I connect from the Fortinet client with the DPD option is checked, the connection got establi...
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