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Dear All, We would like to deploy a Fortigate Configuration without human Intervention and FortiCloud Services are not an Option. So we put a simple Config, specially the values in "config system central-management" on the Fortigate, add a Model Devi...
Hi Community, I would like to setup two different Phase1 IPSEC Interfaces which divides the peers via identifiers based on certificate matching. Suppose we have two companies and the structure of the CN is basically a String formatted like a FQDN of ...
Hi all, Experimenting with vdoms i disabled a vdom and expect the same behavior as if i pull the plug out of the virtual device. All interfaces are disabled, no service is responding on any interface belonging to that particular vdom. But in reality ...
Hi Community, trying to do some configuration stuff with have a good chance to get disconnected i.e. changing the default gateway on a remote site via ssh Im using batch mode config system globalset cfg-save revertset revert-timeout 240set admintimeo...
Hello All, Maybe a stupid question but Im working on a design Problem with HA, VDOM's and SNMP under FortiOS 5.4.6. According to the examples in the "FortiOS Handbook - Virtual Domains" I tried to set up a multi vdom scenario with the root vdom facin...
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