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Hey all, I've been having great luck with the 5G FortiExtender FEX-511F and T-Mobile even though they don't officially support the device. However, I just ran into an issue with a deployment to a new data center where T-Mobile has absolutely zero cov...
Curious if anyone knows of a directive which can be used to force an FEX-511F FortiExtender into an LTE-only mode instead of allowing 5G? I have one of these that I'm trying to make use of with T-Mobile. I'm in an area where there's plenty of strong ...
Just wanted to let someone know that after replying to an eight year old thread I'd started, I was left on a page where all the links are apparently to your staging site and not the production forum:
Maybe I'm missing something, but with the conversion from the old Fortinet forums to this new community software, is there no longer any categorization so you can simply read through threads on a topic of interest to see if any apply to you? I used t...
When adding a Virtual IP mapping, i.e. 1:1 NAT, the Fortigate has an Interface box, which you'd think would actually perform some role, such as isolating the NAT to the interface in question. In reality, adding a Virtual IP seems to affect traffic to...
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