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With the upcoming End of Support for Windows 7, I am looking for a way to block ALL communication initiated by Windows 7 devices passing through a Fortigate (FortiOS 6.0.6). I am aware of a Cookbook-recipe, that uses a custom IPS signature to block "...
We are trying to do some tests with fortigate feature "VXLAN" with devices FG60D, FG60E and FG100E, on FortiOS 5.4.5 and 5.6.2. Following the steps of Fortinet Knowledge Base article FD40170 ( http://kb.fortinet.com/kb...FD40170&languageId ), we fail...
Hi all, I'm trying to connect two sites through IPSec VPN, that are using the same ip subnet (let's say for their local LAN. Both sites a running a FortiOS 5.2.7. The goal is that devices on Site1 can communicate with devices on Sit...
One of our clients is suffering from lots of "false-positive", that is regular emails being marked as "spam". We are running a FG-40C with FortiOS 5.2.2. Now we wonder, if there is a way to find out, why a specific email has been marked as "spam"?
For a testlab-environment (FGT60D, OS 5.0.7), I want to setup a IPv6-SSL-VPN, but failed so far. Has anybody managed to setup a SSLVPN with full IPv6 support (IPv6-IP-Pools, tunneling/split-tunneling etc.)? The documentation on IPv6 or SSL VPN does n...
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