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How to recover fortiweb admin password. I have access to serial console of the device.
anyone got successful in configuring WCCP between Fortigate and Fortiweb. I had configured Fortigate <>WCCP<>Fortiweb, but it's not working.Can someone help on why it's not working.
Does fortigate or fortianalyzer has option to search traffic logs for IP that contains a certain value.For eg am trying to find destined to all IPs starting with 10.20.30.x
whenever I connect forticlient, it changed DNS IP for all network adapters LAN, Wifi other adapters to fortigaurd DNS IP.I want to use custom DNS IP instead of this. Also how can stop it from changing DNS IP of other adapters.
attached a screenshot. can someone explain what's Gateway IP and Hub IP are. Are those Public/internet IP of Hub Firewall? am trying to establish VPN between branch firewalls and DC/Hub firewall. Branch and DC firewall are in different ADOMs within f...
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