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Description This article describes the difference between 'Security Events' and 'All session' in Log Allowed Traffic in Firewall Policy. Scope Solution Log 'Security Events' will only log Security (UTM) events (e.g. AV, IPS, firewall web filter), pro...
Description Type of External Threat Feed and Its location in GUI. Scope There are 4 types of External Threat Feed. 1) FortiGuard Category. 2) IP Address. 3) Domain Name. 4) Malware Hash. CLI commands to view the type of the External Threat Feed. # co...
Description This article describes how to copy the address/group from one VDOM to another VDOM. Scope Follow the below steps to copy the objects from one VDOM to another VDOM. Consider the address objects should be copied from VDOM A to VDOM B. 1) Do...
Description This article describes how to add multiple NTP servers in FortiGate. Scope In order to add multiple NTP server, this configuration is supported via CLI only. # config system ntp set ntpsync enable set type custom set syncinterval 10# conf...
Description This article describes how to clear the authenticated users from FortiGate in particular time Interval. Scope Following automated script is to clear the FSSO authenticated users in every 8 hours : # config system auto-scrip edit "name" se...
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