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What is the command to install a license via Fortigate CLI? Thank you
Hi All, I want create a one to one static NAT for 2 servers through a fortigate-VM firewall. Server 1 VIP: ( -> Server 1 Private IP: ( Server 2 VIP: ( -> Server 2 Private IP: ( I cant seem to figure this out ...
Hi All, I am NATing 2 servers through a fortigate firewall. Internet | Fortigate (NAT) | | VM1 VM2 When I check the access logs on the servers being NATed (VM1, VM2) all the traffic has the source IP of the fortigate server. How can I make it so the ...
HI, Wondering if its possible to isolate a group of IPs from another group of IPs on the same subnet. I am using Fortigate-VM64 For example: Subnet: IP group A:, IP group B:,,
Is it possible to install VMware Tools on Fortigate Virtual Appliance?