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I recently updated my Fortigate 100D devices to 5.6.2 I have 3 sites, each with a Fortigate 100D and each with a IPSec Tunnel to the other 2 locations. All traffic is traversing normally, however when I look at Network->Interfaces, one locations Tunn...
So I have something I thought would be quite simple, but I just cannot wrap my head around. Right now, I have a Site to Site IPSEC VPN setup between my two 100D Fortigates. What I'm looking to do is route all the traffic from Site B thru Site A so we...
Hey everyone, hope I can get some help with something. Very new to Fortinet and have two locations that I need to setup a VPN for. I have watched the online video cookbook and followed those steps for my two boxes and setup the IPSec VPN. Location 1 ...