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Is there a way to create VPN Realms from within FortiManager? If so, I'm not finding it anywhere. I've ensured that the feature is enabled locally on each of the underlying FortiGates. I've also made sure that all CLI options are visible from within ...
Is there a way to create VPN Realms from within FortiManager. I'm not finding it & I don't see it documented in the Administration Guide.
In a scenario where you have multiple sites, separated by a WAN, is it recommended to create two separate Security Fabrics or can they be consolidated into a single Security Fabric group? Each site will have multiple FortiGates and there will be mult...
Hi all, I'm deploying a new pair of 1000D in active/active configuration. Outside interface's are connecting to a single ISP & seem to be working fine. The issue I'm having is communication between our core Nexus 9K's & the 1000D's. This is a multi-t...