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Hello,On a Fortigate 80E I have Hardware switch LAN with 8 phisical interface configure with DHCP server, I would like to create a 802.3ad Aggregare Ports using 3 interface and move the DHCP server configuration with all reservation on this new confi...
Hello,on Fortigate 80E there are any type of SFP 2.5G compatible ? thx
Hello,I have 2 ISP connected on my Fortigate 80E, I would like configure SD-WAN in load balancing and at the same time for some specific source IP configure PBR to use a specific ISP to route the traffic, is it possible ? thx
Hello,I have a 90D with 2 ISP 1 Gb/s connected each to a WAN interface, all LAN interfaces are configure has Hardware switch; the 2 Wan connections are 1000/full, testing using speedtest with a computer connected to LAN port for both ISP I gets a max...
Hello, anyone know how to connect as source directly (without Fortimanager) a Fortigate 90d in vRealize network insight ? thanks Fabrizio