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FG 90D, v5.0,build3608 (GA Patch 7) Small branch office. Internal interface subnet is The FG internal interface address is All users are on that subnet and I'm using the FG switch ports and PoE for hubs, APs, etc. I noticed fro...
We moved to FC 5.2.1 for pre-logon SSL-VPN after the debacle of the 4.5.3 updater trying to automatically install an entire security suite on top of our existing one. Someone eventually dug up a registry hack to stop that. And now I find out that 5.2...
Is it possible to specify different DHCP settings depending on the MAC of the device connecting? FWF-40C, 5.0.7 I have this unit at my home with a site-to-site IPsec VPN connection to where I work. My goal is to have only certain corporate devices ab...
FG110C, 5.0.7 Our LAN has 5 subnets, but all internet access is routed to the subnet that the FortiGate port1 interface is on. The device detection is turned on, but only devices on the subnet appear. How do I detect all the d...
In OS 5.0.7, User & Device -> Monitor -> Firewall, FSSO logons don' t show up by default. There' s a check-box in the upper right to show them, but it unchecks every time you move off the page. Is there a way to set this as checked by default?