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I am purchasing 2nd power supplies (D1u54p-w-450-12-ha4c) for my 600E and 601E. I am unable find anything that says if they are hot-pluggable.Is a shutdown or restart required to install a 2nd power supply in the 600E or 601E ?
hello guyswe configure fortigate device to send logs to Splunk Server via syslog, for future log analyzing.what are this message meaning and when they happen:ActionFtnt_actionVendor_actionthanks
hello guysi find out that 60% of firewall blocking traffic belongs to IPS rule malicious-URL. i forftigate monitoring section i could not find which user request with malicious URL are blocked. i configure a syslog server (Splunk) to gather firewall ...
hello every body i know that i can publish my web server through VIP + firewall policy configuration. but i want to know how can i limit access to specific web site ( URL) on my VIP ?is it possible to work with URL path ?
hello every body My customer has a web app with address of that my fortigate 6.4.2 will block the traffic by reason of "URL blocked by malicious-url-list". how can i told to fortigate to allow this particular URL to pass though t...