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I spend a lot of time allowing sites that I would regard as "positive" security sites such as certificate vendors, certificate trust list sites and others. Wouldn't it make sense not to list sites designed to make the web safer alongside software dow...
Not finding any documentation for multiple hex values for times servers.
If upgrade paths are so important (and I believe they are), why does the upgrade screen default to the latest version and not the next step in the path? Or if they can't do that, just add an "Are you sure?" prompt?
This a VPN tunnel to a datacenter with Ciscos with two Phase 2 tunnels. Both are natted because of address conflicts. Interface 2 is going to a Cisco 800 series. Interface 2 60D-<>ASA-<>ASA- Traffic passed thro...
Not sure when it was added, but I' m get an add/edit option on all web portals. Not sure whether the end user changed any settings, but I don' t remember seeing this security flaw before. Any ideas on how to remove?
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