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Hi,Is possible to limit numer of mac address connected on each port of my fortiswitch?I wanto to avoid that some one can connect an hub or an other switch to my FortiSwitch. How can I achive this objective? Thanksandrea
Hi all, I have a cluster of Fortigate 500, we have enabled device identification feature on LAN Interface. But we see some incorrect correlations, for example one device with 3 or 4 ip, or 1 user related to 3 devices.exist some best practice to be su...
Hi all, I'm evaluating to provide the fortisandbox solution to my customer. I need to understand how perform sizing and which solution can be better for him "cloud" or "on-premise".Could you help me to find this information? Thanks in advance regards...
Hi all,we have create an e-mail report with FortiAnalyzer, we a table that contains mail sender.there are server that are not our server... What is intend like sender?