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Hello, I made a txt file for Threat Feed as belowI wrote '#" for commentPaloalto can ignore some characters like '#' and recognize comment.Howerver Fortinet can't ignore "#" and then recognize invalid.Can you let me know how to use comment?
Hi I would like to know how I check Source NAT pool resource.I use an interface Source NAT in many policies.I am worrying whether exhausted for a public IP or not. Thanks
Hello, I have been testing automation function in 6.0.5. But It doesn't work well. I hope someone will give me a good advice. Here are my snapshots on my configurations and results.Global > Security Fabric > Automation The automation was triggered as...
Hello,I have been testing automation function in 6.0.5.But It doesn't work well.I hope someone will give me a good advice.Here are my snapshots on my configurations. Global > Security Fabric > Automation Global > System > Advanced > Email Service The...
Hello, I figured out there are a lot of default action on custom signatures for IPS.It had been created by ex-employee. If some traffics were matched custom signature with default action, what it will be happened? Thanks
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