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Hello, I made a txt file for Threat Feed as belowI wrote '#" for commentPaloalto can ignore some characters like '#' and recognize comment.Howerver Fortinet can't ignore "#" and then recognize invalid.Can you let me know how to use comment?
Hi I would like to know how I check Source NAT pool resource.I use an interface Source NAT in many policies.I am worrying whether exhausted for a public IP or not. Thanks
Hello, I have been testing automation function in 6.0.5. But It doesn't work well. I hope someone will give me a good advice. Here are my snapshots on my configurations and results.Global > Security Fabric > Automation The automation was triggered as...
Hello, I figured out there are a lot of default action on custom signatures for IPS.It had been created by ex-employee. If some traffics were matched custom signature with default action, what it will be happened? Thanks
Hello,I would like to migrate from legacy some rules to rules using Internet Service Database.Do you have good ideas? and Can you give some useful information or guide document for me? Thanks,
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