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Description This article describes how to use a DLP profile to detect emails with an empty body. Scope FortiMail - Version 6.2.5 and above, 6.4.1 and above, 7.X versions and above. Solution 1) Go to Data Loss Prevention -> Rule & Profile -> Rule.2) C...
Description This article describes about issue where URL is blocked as SPAM despite of being an allowed FortiGuard URL category. Scope For all versions FortiMail. Solution There are two checks performed for an URL one with 'FortiGuard AntiSpam databa...
DescriptionFortiMail is configured by default to send the email report with the 'from address' as 'postmaster@localdomainname'.This article shows how to modify the 'from address'.SolutionIn this example the local domain on the FortiMail is
Description Emails from certain domains may be seen to trigger the following record in the AntiSpam logs: “Message SPF error: domain , Term is invalid” Scope FortiMail after v5.3.8 Solution The log message is caused by a macro in the "exists" modifie...