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This article describes about issue where URL is blocked as SPAM despite of being an allowed FortiGuard URL category.




For all versions FortiMail.




There are two checks performed for an URL one with 'FortiGuard AntiSpam database' and other with 'FortiGuard Webfilter database'.


For example the URI in the mail was categorized as spam by FortiGuard AntiSpam.




Check the classification on FortiMail under Maintenance - > FortiGuard - > AntiSpam. Select Query type under FortiGuard Query as 'URI' and input the URI in the field and select 'Query'.




The first part is 'score=1,Spam'.

This is result for check against 'FortiGuard AntiSpam database', the result is spam hence message with this link will be blocked by FortiGuard AntiSpam check.


The second part is 'category=Information Technology(Id: 52)'.

This is result from 'FortiGuard Webfilter database', which is used for the URI filter check.


If URI is not in 'FortiGuard AntiSpam database' it will display a score of '0' and the respective URI category from 'FortiGuard Webfilter database'.


The recommended procedure to whitelist an entry is through the FortiGuard portal using the below link,


To verify the rating of a URL from,

FortiGuard AntiSpam database

Fortiguard Webfilter database