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Hi I don' t know if this is the right section to post. I update my fortigate 110c to 5.2 and i saw the fantastic device management function. I activated it on port 1 in my fortigate. Port 1 is connected to cisco 3750 core switch and use different vla...
Hi can someone explain me the difference between global blck list in antispam section and session black list, in profile/session section? Thanks
Hi i have a problem with vpn between 2 fortigate site A is a fortigate 100A 4.0 MR3 patch 15 site B is a fortigate 50B 4.0 MR3 patch 15 After 16 hour vpn stop responding, i lose ping until restarting fortigate 50B (site B) Bring down-bring up vpn fro...
Hi guys. I have this problem: I need to configure ipsec vpn between 2 fortigate firewall, one in France (fortigate 50A) and one to my company in Italy (fortigate 100A). I ask for a public ip address to reserve for the fortigate 50A, but they have an ...