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I have split tunnel and split dns set up. When I vpn in I can see that my dns servers are set to what is defined in the split tunnel configuration. However, when I try to do a dns lookup the response shows me the dns server from the split tunnel but ...
I am running FortiGate in AWS. I have users who will be using SSL VPN (no natting). I have many hosts I need to reach over SSL-VPN in AWS that are accessed via a TransitGateway. The TransitGateway has the route of However, when I am tryin...
On the Fortigate under SSL-VPN Settings you need to specify an Address Range. But you also need to do the same thing under SSL-VPN Portals Source IP Pools. Presumably if you have multiple portals each one would have their own IP pool. So why are you ...
I am testing out client based ssl-vpn using SAML Auth. When I debug saml on the fortigate I see that group that comes back from SAML is correct but I am getting added to the wrong portal. I have users group configured as per
We have decided to do a phased roll out of ForiClient VPN for our users. The first phase (which we are in) is to let everyone do SSL VPN just like they were doing on our old Cisco VPN. I have that working however, we found that one of our domain name...
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