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Why does a 60C display the SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS protocols under the Firewall/Protocol screen, but on a 60B it does not?
I have configured my Wireless to receive DHCP IP' s from a DC rather than the FortiWifi 60B (MR3 Patch2) Problem is: It will not pass through any DHCP requests to the DC. The firewall policy is set in place [WiFi -> Internal] and is wide open, but ye...
Hello, I have 2 public static IP' s allocated from my ISP. IP #1 is used by WAN1 and the rest of my internal network is NATted behind WAN1. (all works great) What I need to do is basically use public IP #2 for an Edge Server which happens to be a vir...
I cant seem to get the HTTP Visited or HTTPS Visited to display any visited sites on the dashboard of my 60B. I know this used to work at one point in time with some older firmware version, but I cant seem to get it to show anything with 4.2.6 Any su...
I upgraded the firmware to the latest v4.0,build0441,110318 (MR3) on this 100A, and now I notice a WiFi Controller tab on the left side menu as if this was a wireless model. BUG in firmware ??