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Currently I am running FSSO, when I run reports I see the USERNAME however I have the requirement to show DOMAIN/USERNAME as I may be authenticating from different domains (and have users with the same USERNAME). Is there a way to show this in the re...
Hi Guys, I have a requirement to provide a reverse proxy for OWA. Is this supported by Fortigate? I am running 5.1 firmware.
I am running fg1000 on 5.0.4 with ssl/ssh inspection and I am having a problem with logmein.com I have put a firewall rule to allow all internal users access to logmein.com via a fqdn rule. Below this I have our rule to catch everything else and appl...
We are currently running a pair of FG100c' s in AA HA mode with multiple VDOM' s. We are currently running v5.4. We are having problems with HTTPS traffic, when we enable SSH/SSL inspection all https sites come up with a certificate error. It has bee...
I am trying to exempt specific videos in you tube. I have created a URL filter and put the whole URL in. It gets to the page and it looks like the video will start but when I click play the video throws up " An error occurred. Please try again later....
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