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Fortigate 100D; 5.2.3 (7 FortiAP's running 5.2.3) - Various WIFI clients are connecting/disconnecting and requesting IP's. It's incrementing through exhausting the IP Pool. This is happening on a few PC's and in some cases it looks like causing Forti...
Windows user must go into Services.msc and start the FortiClient service. At which point, the user can log in using SSL VPN. Anyone else run into this? It's Windows Vista SP2/4GB RAM Joe
Trying to poll sflow in data. Internal set enable, and correct IP as the collector. Can it poll via IPSEC?
Running into an issue where emails are blocked stating oversized, but AppControl is set to monitor on that policy. service=POP3 proto=6 applist="monitor-p2p-and-media" duration=12 sentbyte=80470 rcvdbyte=641004 sentpkt=1537 rcvdpkt=536 utmaction=bloc...
I have multiple locations (3) each having Internet. Each location is connected (dark fiber) at layer 2 and VLAN' d. I' ve take a Fortigate port at each location and placed it in this layer 2 network. Each location can communicate to one another fine....
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