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I have a WPA2 Enterprise network. Fortinac connects to the network by authenticating the user from the active directory with radius. But I want to make this role based. I want those in role A to get IP from vlan A and those in role B to get IP from v...
I have a 1101e firewall. After the 7.0.14 update, ram usage increased from 41 to 70 in a meaningless way. It switches to conserve once a week. Do you have any idea?
Is there a way to redirect to safari browser instead of Captive Network Assistant on IOS devices connecting to Guest Network?
I have prepared a portal to register the user. I add the user to Fortinac by getting the user's information with the API. After the user addition process is finished, I redirect it to the guest login screen. When he enters his username and password o...
I want to open a different fortinac portal in front of a user joining a guest wireless network and a user joining a guest wired network. How can I do this?
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