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Article Id 231329
Description This article explains the meaning of the message 'Non-802.3af powered device' that sometimes appears on a FortiSwitch when executing the command 'get switch poe inline'.
Scope POE and FPOE FortiSwitches 6.4.x, 7.x.

An example of the error:


# get switch poe inline


Power Fault: Error Type 28 (Port is off: Non-802.3af powered device)




In this error, the PSE controller assumes the connected device isn't an 802.3af PD. This can happen even if the device is getting POE.

This is normal diagnostic error info related to the setup environment, the cable, and the remote side device. It's possible that the device is a pre-standard device, meaning it is not an 802.3af PD.


To work around this error, try enabling POE pre-standard detection:

# config switch global

set poe-pre-standard-detect enable




PoE pre-standard detection is a global setting for the following FortiSwitch models: 'FSR-112D-POE, FS-548D-FPOE, FS-524D-FPOE, FS-108D-POE, FS-224D-POE, FS-108E-POE, FS-108E-FPOE, FS-124E-POE, FS-124E-FPOE, 148F-POE, and 148F-FPOE'. For the other FortiSwitch PoE models, PoE pre-standard detection is set on each port.


# config switch physical-port

   edit port#

set poe-pre-standard-detect enable



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