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This article describes how to resolve the error message 'FSR-Auth-017: The system time is invalid. Contact customer support for more information.' when logging into the FortiSOAR GUI.



Scope FortiSOAR v7.x.

Step 1: Inspect the present system time through the FortiSOAR CLI:




Step 2: Activate NTP synchronization by employing Stratum servers with the provided command.


timedatectl set-ntp true


Step 3: Navigate to the /etc/chrony.conf file and change the makestep configuration to makestep 1.0 -1, then save the file. The '-1' instructs chrony to perform as many step actions as needed to synchronize the system time.


Step 4: Initiate a restart of the chronyd services on the FortiSOAR instance.


sudo systemctl restart chronyd.service


Step 5: To initiate a step adjustment in the system clock, forcing an immediate synchronization, also allow a 30-second delay for the clock adjustment to stabilize.


sudo chronyc -a makestep && sleep 30




It is possible to configure the timezone using 'sudo timedatectl set-timezone [continent/city]' like 'sudo timedatectl set-timezone Asia/Seoul'.