FortiNAC is a s a zero-trust network access solution that provides users with enhanced visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT) devices on their enterprise networks.

This article describes how to change or install new licence for FortiNAC appliance via CLI,when a change in any of the following license components are required:


- Number of concurrent endpoint licenses.

- License type (e.g. upgrading from Plus to Pro).

- UUID or MAC address due to a FortiNAC appliance migration.





In order to acchieve this FortiNAC should be accessed via terminal emulator with the root credentials.

Steps to be followed :


1) Download the new license from the support portal.


Refer to the guide , page 14:


2) Access the FortiNAC via a terminal emulator like putty with root credentials.




3) Navigate to the directory  /bsc/campusMgr.


cd /bsc/campusMgr

ls -la ---> optional step to check the contents of the directory.Existing license is highlighted in yellow and  noted with the red arrow 




4) Rename the existing licenseKey to .licenseKeyOLD with the command below 

mv .licenseKey .licenseKeyOLD


5) Create a new file  named .licenseKey using nano or vi editor 

#nano .licenseKey







6) Paste the key from the license file downloaded in step 1.

Hint : It can be opened with notepad and must start with FNC: 





The end of the key should terminate with two delimiter characters (==).


It is possible to go to the end of the key text by using keyboard left,right arrows.


- Delete the delimiter characters   ==

- Ctrl + O to save the file 

- Ctrl +X to finish and exit the editor 


7) Restart FortiNAC applicate via this command : 




8) The new license now should be applied. It can be checked via cli 








This method can be used if FortiNAC appliance is not reachable via GUI because of 'processes are down' error or the license is not applicable via ConfigWizard  like in 9.2.0 where ConfigWizard is not a separate webservice but included in the main GUI.


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