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Article Id 258165
Description This article describes how to configure a user password policy.
Scope FortiGate.

Configure password expiry and warning for the local users, with users being prompted to change passwords upon expiry. 


The below KB article will help to create a local user.\:

Technical Tip: Local user authentication - Fortinet Community


Create a password policy through the CLI:

Screenshot 2023-05-27 224418.png


Default expiry days are 180, and the range available to configure is from 0 to 999 days.

Similarly, default warn days are 15 and the range available is from 0 to 30 days.


Post configuring the password policy, map it to the local user as below.


Screenshot 2023-05-27 224513.png


Add the user in the firewall policy for the authentication.


Screenshot 2023-05-27 224617.png


The result can be seen below:






Password can be changed from the captive portal.