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Description This article describes how to configure FortiGate to automatically respond to various trigger events. This article is for FortiOS 7.0 and 7.2 - the automation workflow was redesigned to be more efficient and clearer for the user. Solution...
DescriptionThis article describes how to limit number of users created for guest group.SolutionFrom CLI :Execute the below commands to configure maximum accounts and limit number of users created for specific guest group.# config user group edit set...
Description This article describes how to ban a quarantine source IP using the FortiView feature in FortiGate. Scope FortiGate. Solution To block quarantine IP navigate to FortiView -> Sources. 'Right-click' on the source to ban and select Ban IP: Af...
Description Configuring admin disclaimer page on FortiGate using Pre- and Post- login banner setting.The pre-login banner setting will show the admin disclaimer page before the user reaches the login page in the GUI or the login prompt in CLI command...
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