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Article Id 245731
Description This article describes how to transfer an existing VLAN from one interface to another interface (existing or new).
Scope FortiGate v7.2.x and v7.0.x.

Another alternative way for this method is to use the 'Integrate Interface' feature on v7.0 onwards which does not require restoring the backup config :

Interface migration wizard

Technical Tip: Migrating VLAN interfaces from one interface to another using the Integrate Interface...


  1. If it is wanted to transfer the VLAN to a new interface, first create the interface on the GUI, and then back up the config. This example transfers an existing VLAN on Port7 to a newly created aggregate interface called 'test'.




  1. Create a copy of the backup config and edit it. Keep the original config intact for backup purposes.
  2. For transferring to a new interface, move the new interface to be above the existing VLAN, under config system interface on the backup config (this needs to be done if the destination interface is configured below the VLAN as well to avoid the VLAN being removed).


editing backup config.jpg


This step is crucial as the new interface needs to be declared first before it can be used as a reference by the VLAN.


  1. Change the interface that the VLAN is bound to, to the new interface. In this example, the VLAN is moved to the aggregate interface called 'test'.


editing backup config 2.jpg


  1. Restore the edited config to the FortiGate. It will reboot and transfer the VLAN to the new interface.