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This article describes how to use this feature to block or only allow matching YouTube channels. This Web filter feature is also called' Restrict YouTube access to specific channels'.




FortiOS 6.4.x and below.



Note: 'Restrict YouTube access to specific channels' option only exists in FortiOS 6.4.x and below. For FortiOS 7.0.x and above, use the Video Filter by referring to Filtering based on YouTube channel.


  • To use YouTube access to specific channels, the streaming media and download category should be allowed or monitored. 




  • Block the specific applications using application control. 

To enable this feature from the GUI. 


  1. Go to Security Profiles -> Web Filter and go to the 'Proxy Options' section.
  2. Enable 'Restrict YouTube access to specific channels'.

  1. Select 'Create New' and specify the Channel ID.
  1.  Select 'OK' and the option shows the Channel ID and its link.
To enable this feature from the CLI.
config webfilter profile
    edit "webfilter"
        set youtube-channel-status whitelist  <----- whitelist: only allow the traffic belonging to this channel id and relative identifiers, 
blacklist: only block the traffic belonging to this channel id and relative identifiers and allow the other traffic to pass.
            config youtube-channel-filter
                   edit 1
                       set channel-id "UCGzuiiLdQZu9wxDNJHO_JnA"
Note: Deep inspection is required to inspect the traffic. Also, block QUIC protocol using application control or UDP 443, this way the connection will be over TCP/UDP.
Also, Application control has to be set to Monitor for the YouTube application signature, as well as the YouTube_Channel.ID signature.