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DescriptionThis article describes the message 'pre_route_auth check fail(id=0), drop' while accessing the VIP over SSL VPN debug.SolutionIt is not possible to access the VIP over the SSL VPN.This happens when multiple ISP and VIP are configured to ac...
DescriptionWhen RADIUS server is added to the FortiGate and at the time of doing test connectivity, authentication failure is seen on the RADIUS server for user 'test01'.This article describes how to get RADIUS authentication failure on for user 'tes...
DescriptionThis article describes the "Certificate file is not a CA file.' error when uploading the CA certificate in the firewall.SolutionWhen the CA certificate is uploaded in the firewall as CA certificate, firewall gives error saying 'Certificate...
DescriptionThis article describes that authentication prompt is not showing when policy is having user configured.SolutionPolicy is configured with the user however authentication prompt is not received to the userThis can happen due to two reasons:1...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure single static URL filter and bind it to the multiple web filter profile.SolutionWhen there is huge URL filter list is available and it is required to bind it with multiple web filter profiles,it is p...