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Article Id 207005
Description This article describes how to create IAM users in FortiCloud and allow login into the FortiGate administrator UI with read/write access.
Scope FortiGate 7.0.x, FortiCloud SSO.

In FortiOS 7.0.0 and above, a new feature that allows FortiCloud SSO login is introduced. 


To enable FortiCloud SSO login, go to System -> Settings and toggle FortiCloud Single Sign-On to On:




To configure IAM users in FortiCloud, login to FortiCloud portal ( with administrator access.


Follow the steps below:


  1. Select Services -> IAM.




  1. Select 'ADD IAM USER'.




  1. Enter the details of the user:




  1. In the User Permissions section, select the pencil icon beside FortiOS SSO, and assign proper access type:




  1. Review the configured details and select 'Confirm' to create the user:




  1. Once the user has been created, a CSV will be generated. Download the file as it contains the password for the user to login as an IAM user:




  1. Send the downloaded CSV file to the corresponding user.


Once the above has been configured, proceed to login to the FortiGate GUI using the usual URL (https://<fortigate-IP/domain>:<port>).


  • Notice an additional 'Sign in with FortiCloud' button. Select it.


  • Select 'Sign in as IAM user':




  • In the login form, fill in the details recorded in the CSV file downloaded previously:




  • The user is now logged in with FortiCloud SSO with the assigned rights:




Additional notes:

Note that FortiCloud SSO could fail in the following cases:


  • If the FortiGate is not registered to the FortiCare account used for login, it will reject the login and give the user the option to switch account or login locally.
  • If the master account has '2FA auth enforcement' enabled, IAM users without 2FA configured will be rejected.