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This article describes how to roll back to a previous firmware version after following a multiple upgrade path.

A downgrade from the flash partition can load the previous configuration. (It does not include the configuration made after the firmware upgrade.)

This article demonstrates an example of firmware upgrade from version 6.4.16 to 7.2.6 and follows the upgrade path below:


6.4.16 B2093 -> 7.0.13 B0566 -> 7.2.6 B1575


After, the appliance is reverted to the previous firmware image, from 7.2.6 B1575 to 6.4.16 B2093.

The steps shown in this article show how to prevent the flash partition for 6.4.16 from being overwritten.

Scope FortiGate physical appliances.

After upgrading from 6.4.16 B2093 to 7.0.13 B0566, the flash partition will appear as below:


The active partition is 7.0.13 and the second partition is the previous version, 6.4.1.


7.0.13_flash list.PNG

Before proceeding to upgrade to 7.2.6 B1575, set the active partition to partition 2 (6.4.16 B2093):

* to keep the partition for 6.4.16.



Upgrade the firmware from 7.0.13 B0566 to 7.2.6 B1575:




The flash list after the firmware upgrade to 7.2.6 B1575:




To roll back to 6.4.16 B2093 (if required), set the active partition to the secondary partition and reboot the firewall:


reboot the firewall to rollback.PNG


After reboot, the appliance rolls back to 6.4.16 b2093.