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This article describes how to enable FortiGate probe traffic on the Azure load balancer.

Scope FortiGate.

In the Azure load balancer, if the FortiGate-VM probe is enabled, the Azure load balancer sends out a probe to a TCP/UDP port to verify if the VM is up and running.

In the FortiGate, a specific probe config is activated on TCP/8008.


In order to probe detect in Azure load balancer, FortiGate needs to configure the below step via CLI:


config system probe-response

    set port 8008

    set http-probe-value "OK"

    set mode http-probe



config system interface

    edit "2"

        set ip

        set allowaccess probe-response  <----- This will only allow probe-response. If other access is required, please include it in this command. Alternatively, use command < # append allowaccess probe-response > to append existing settings.

        set device-identification enable

        set role wan

        set snmp-index 16


config firewall local-in-policy

    edit 1

        set uuid 80d9ad84-c99c-51ed-3072-b327f1deb659

        set intf "port2"

        set srcaddr "all"

        set dstaddr "all"

        set action accept

        set service "TCP_8008


A sample config of Azure load balancer.