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Description This article describes how to remedy when the FortiGate Central Management: FortiGate Cloud connection status shows 'Not Managed'.
Scope FortiGate.

The connection status 'Not Managed' indicates that the FortiGate is not connected to the FortiCloud manager server.


Not managed.png


fortigate cloud- Not activated.png




At the FortiGate end, make sure FortiGate is logged in to the proper FortiCloud account and the correct region is configured on both ends.


europe location.png



Even with the FortiGate cloud status Activated, the Central management status cannot be Managed.


fortigate cloud status.png


Validate the rating status using the below command:


diagnose debug rating


If the output shows the flags as F, for all the servers as below indicates F=Failed: The server is down.




Validate the FortiGate connection status to FortiGuard servers.


unable to connect to fortiguard.png


If the error 'Unable to connect to FortiGuard servers.' is displayed as above, troubleshoot further to fix the FortiGuard reachability issue. Refer to the below article for the same:

Troubleshooting Tip: Unable to connect to FortiGuard servers


Post fixing the FortiGuard reachability issue, validate the Management connection status.


If the issue persists, create a Technical Support ticket of type FortiGate: Fortinet Support.


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