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Some processes cannot be restarted via diag test app 99.

This article describes how to restart it by killing the process ID.

Scope All FortiOS versions since 6.2.

To find the process ID just enter the following command (on global level):


# diag sys process pidof <PPROCESS_NAME>


So, if the process ID is sought of hasync, the command would be:


# diag sys process pidof hasync


There can be several pids in the output.

So the following step would need to repeated for every pid:


# diag sys kill 11 <pid>


It is possible as well kill all processes at once via:


fnsysctl killall <PPROCESS_NAME>





'fnsysctl killall' is not working for every process (e.g. hasync).


To check, if the command was working correct, it possible again to run '# diag sys process pidof <PPROCESS_NAME>' and compare the pids.


When done everything correct, the pids will have changed.