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This article describes how to use thediagnose sys top-memcommand from the CLI prompt.




This command display processes with the most used memory (default 5 processes).

This command is very helpful to identify the top processes that consumes the most memory, especially when the FortiGate is in conserve mode.


Example output:


# diag sys top-mem

node (165): 44189kB
forticron (173): 29644kB
ipshelper (227): 24577kB
cmdbsvr (142): 20290kB
miglogd (182): 12413kB
Top-5 memory used: 131113kB


# diag sys top-mem 10
node (165): 44861kB
forticron (173): 29612kB
ipshelper (227): 24742kB
cmdbsvr (142): 20263kB
miglogd (182): 12405kB
cw_acd (210): 10705kB
miglogd (245): 7202kB
forticldd (174): 7042kB
dnsproxy (225): 6951kB
nsm (149): 6461kB
Top-10 memory used: 170244kB


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