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This article explains how to change the region of a FortiGate instance. Adding a FortiGate to FortiGate cloud is not possible if both of them are in different regions.

Scope FortiGate, all firmware.

When using a FortiGate Cloud to manage a FortiGate, the cloud will be in the Global region. If the FortiGate is activated in the US region, it will not be possible to add the FortiGate to the FortiGate Cloud because the regions differ.

The Global option in the domain area is not visible while trying to change the region under FortiGuard -> FortiGate Cloud -> Activate.




To change the region to Global in the FortiGate CLI, run the following:


# execute  fortiguard-log login <email> <password> GLOBAL


If it's necessary to change the fortigate update-server location, change it to automatic:


# config system fortiguard
    set update-server-location automatic

After the above commands, it will be possible to add the FortiGate to the FortiGate Cloud, since the FortiGate has been changed to the Global region.


Additional troubleshooting steps: 


If setting 'update-server-location automatic' does not help, please run the following: 


# config system central-management

    set type fortiguard 



# diag fdsm contract-controller-update


# diag debug app fgfmd -1


# diag debug enable


# fnsysctl killall fgfmd