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Hello, Im struggling with FortiAuthenticator and MAC bypass, cant make it work, I did read documentation, but havent found solution. My scenerio is very simple, (PC)->[TPlink_SW]->[FAC]. All are in the same network - its all for tests only.EAP-TLS us...
Hello, I havent seen such weird behavior on FGT before. I have S2S VPN with another location where there is some Local network - all is working good with s2s, but the problem is with local asset. After sometime one of IP is unreachable.Debug commands...
I thought I would configure failover - LTE at home.I made a sdan, configured the gateways, static routings, politics, etc. The internet is working, but I am not happy with Failover. Why?E.g. During working on a company laptop (company VPN)I want to d...
Im trying to troubleshoot what happen that HA isnt synced. I did try debug commands but no luck :) Please suggest where to search for solution. Below example logs: FW600D-RZ-0~ $ dia system ha sync-config get-statusThe sync config status is enable.||...
Im currently on 7.0.7 - on newer versions there are some features that will be handy. Which firm ver do you use - stable one?
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