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Hello, We have Fortigate in Azure, integration done with Azure SAML. We are testing conditional access and it works with external browser (Chrome,Edge). But there is issue with built-in browser in FortiClient. Are there any documentations how we can ...
Hello, We have deployed FortiAnalyzer in Azure and we connected several Fortigates to it. I configured "Basic Handlers" on FortiAnalyzer and enabled "Automation Stitch" because I would like to sent logs to fortigates and then do some automation, but ...
Hello, I would like to provide for my colleagues some restricted access on the fortigate for management. I know that I can provide read only access, but is it possible to somehow permit to just several rules in firewall policy(I mean for example add ...
Hello, We have fortigate In azure, we would like to Prevent Port Scanning. Is it possible and how I can do it?I tried create IPS policy and select Port.scanning, but it didn't work Is it possible prevent port scanning with IPS Profile?
Hello, We have virtual Fortigates (Active-Standby HA) installed in ESXi environment. We would like to deploy Virtual Server for Load balancing our DNS. IP address of DNS-1 - address of DNS-2 - IP will be IP of loopback - 10...
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