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Hi Team, So I plan to move Fortimanager to DRC with a different IP segmentIs there a way to push the FMG IP with the new segment to Fortigate?I have done this command with push on FMG by script, the result of that script is success but there is no ch...
Hi,I need to configure a Firewall policy with a local segment source range for 200 Fortigate.for example:FG1, IP range -, IP range - I plan to push the related config via Fortimanager, by crea...
So i want to create Report about IPS on Fortianalyzer and create chart for the bugs based on severity, but when i try to input name for data binding on legend it's keep disappearingCan someone explain why? or it's just Bug for Fortyanalyzer v7.2.2?Fo...
HI All,Today my Fortigate just added VDOM by itself? , on the log its shown added by daemon_adminI did some research, and found that the config is in sync with the existing config revisionsCan anyone explain the workflow based on the logs
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