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We have FortiGate 201E V7.0.12, we created SD-WAN interface and we are using NAT for interfaces defined within the SD-WAN interface, however, it is not working and I hope if someone can advise us on how to solve this issue. Thanks
Is there a built in rule in FortiSIEM that shows and trigger an incident when a user privilege changed to admin ?
I would like to upgrade FortiSIEM from 6.7.5 to 7, do we have first to upgrade the linux os from centos to rockey or this will already be done when we do the upgrade steps ?
I would like to check who accessed with default password inside our IT infrastructure. Basically I define and create all user names and passwords ( inside default password in Resources section ) that are defaults for our network entities and then cre...
Hello,I am using FortiSIEM version 6.5, and created rule and test it but always end up with internal error and fail. However, I find out that even for already activated rules from the system, when I clone them, deactivate them, and then test them, th...
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