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Hi Everyone I register S/N Firewall on fortiCloud for activate license and re-check aging at menu foriguard i see anti-virus an old version.FortiOS 7.2.8How i do check update anti-virus on Fortigate ?File upgrade database Where should I go to downloa...
I need config span (Mirror port) on port fiber.What methods are there? Can config Span port on fortigate. Thank you.#fortigate400E
hi everyone I have a problem firewall down and led port Lan slow blink, Fortios 7.2.2 .I check even log find last log date=2023-11-15 time=00:01:00 eventtime=1699981260853228885 tz="+0700" logid="0100020025" type="event" subtype="system" level="notic...
Hi Everyone My firewall's installed zone cannot connect to the internet, causing a system event log entry with the message 'FortiGate update now failed' every 2 minutes. And Licenses information status Pending always.Is there a way to solve this prob...
Hi everyone I set firewall mode HA and i try ping test form PC to IP gateway on firewall is Timeout ping another network is same.but i ping form PC to IP gateway on firewall is response. I solve is the problem? FortiGate
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