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We have a business unit moving into an office with an existing business unit and want them to share the network (hardware), but operate on different VLANs for segmentation. We installed a second FortiSwitch and created the VLANs and this is working g...
We bought two 201e models 13 months ago and put them on a shelf for emergency purposes. Today I had a need to ship one out, configured to be managed Locally (not via FortiCloud or Fortigate) and using IP Passthrough. This was working fine on the base...
I started down the journey of FortiManager and near zero touch provisioning with CLI Templates. After a solid week of trial and error, I completed the setup this evening and was extremely happy to see the final result, until I tried testing the polic...
After using FortiManager in backup mode for a few years, I am now working on configuring an ADOM in managed mode pushing full baseline configurations with CLI provisioning templates leveraging meta field variables. So far on a new Fortigate, my CLI T...
We setup a 1Gb Direct Connect to AWS with an IPSec tunnel for failover. We are running BGP across both for dynamic routing/failover. When we take down the Direct Connect interface, traffic correctly fails over to the IPSec tunnel. The issue we're run...
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